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Those of you who follow Lily's Writing Life know I already have a website, social media, and a newsletter so why do I need a second site? Isn't this all a bit unnecessary? It's more work after all.

Well, my dear reader, this site is about YOU.

On Lily's Writing Life, I try (ha ha) to balance interviews, poems and stories, and my thoughts.

This site is the business end, if you will. The part of me that is not attempting to dazzle you with my poetry and, dare I say, short stories, and get them into your hot little hands (hopefully). Please do not be deterred from proceeding in an orderly fashion to the checkout on Amazon with whichever of my books appeals to you however. And yes there will be more of those, but I digress.

This is about me looking at writing, learning (eternal student 🙋🏻), and marketing. It's about helping you, (I love to help people). There will be guest posts and a different type of interview. There will be book reviews.

As anyone who knows me will testify I have a lot to say and trying to contain everything in one site was a bit much.

I have IDEAS. Again no-one who knows me is shocked by this revelation.

I am taking this one step at a time.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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1 commentaire

Melanie Reynard
Melanie Reynard
07 août 2023

I think this is a fantastic resource and absolutely brilliant idea 🤩

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